Where Are Gramma’s Jam Students Now?

Where Are Gramma’s Jam Students Now?

Here’s To Some Of Our Talented Alums

Maya Garaway

Rochester Institute of Technology

Maya is undoubtedly one of the most creative students I have worked with. In fact, during many of our lessons, it was hard not to notice the life-sized, mixed-media papier-mâché tree that had “taken root” in the garage behind her, which had been converted into her artist’s studio. She was creating the tree for her senior art project, but I appreciated that it made for a lovely backdrop for our sessions. Maya’s creativity rightfully spilled over into her college application essay writing, where she crafted some powerful essays. Her personal statement, focusing on origami cranes, was one of the most moving and unique personal statements I have read to date. So, it was no wonder she did exceptionally well in the college admissions process, receiving acceptances to schools such as Rochester Institute of Technology, American University of Rome, SCAD, MassArt, MICA, Northeastern, and Florida State University. I am eager to see what she creates next as she moves on to the RIT to pursue a dual degree in art and automotive engineering.