Gramma's Jam Scholarships

The Gramma's Jam Scholarships are need-based and awarded to students who appreciate the value of education, want to further their education by attending college, and need some financial assistance to achieve this goal.

How To Apply


The recipient is awarded four hours of one-on-one Private Coaching (one hour per session), attendance access to one monthly Student Workshop, and attendance access to one monthly Parent or Family Member Workshop for a parent or family member.

Important Details:
  • One monthly recipient selected
  • June 1 - December 31 (for a total of 7 scholarships per year)
  • Applicants must apply via email with a 250-word written essay describing their financial need and how this scholarship would benefit them in their academic journey [email protected]
  • Applications must be received by the 15th of the previous month (i.e., scholarship recipient for the month of June must submit their application no later than May 15th)
  • Scholarship recipient will be notified ten days prior to the start date (i.e., the scholarship recipient will be notified by May 21st for the June 1st scholarship)
  • Attendance to the workshop and private tutoring must be completed during the month the student has been selected for

Meet A Couple Of Recent Scholarship Superstars

Neeka Nosrat

American University

I am so excited for Neeka to take the pride she has in her Iranian-American identity and share its richness once on campus at American University, her dream school, where she was accepted ED and will study Computer Science. When Neeka is not focusing on her academic pursuits, she is busy working in retail in the evenings to contribute to her family. Very quickly, it was clear just how caring and family-oriented Neeka truly is. She is motivated to achieve success at university and in her career to give back to her parents, who have sacrificed much for her to lead a better life.

Carlos Georgescu

University of British Columbia

Carlos is truly one-of-a-kind. He immigrated from Bucharest, Romania, to Vancouver, British Columbia, with his family when he was just a boy. Not only is Carlos an excellent son and brother to his younger brother Eduard, but he is genuinely inspired to make the world a better place. While in high school, he founded The Global Spotlight, a non-profit dedicated to sharing stories from different cultures/places in hopes of effecting positive change in those places. He received the Diana Award for his exceptional work in the local and global community. I have no doubt that Carlos will one day be the founder of a ground-breaking tech company geared toward improving the world with his unparalleled determination and hustle. 

Youssef Salib

UC Berkeley

Youssef is an inspiring student. He and his family immigrated from Cairo, Egypt, to Bakersfield, California, when he was in middle school. Youssef is a credit to his family and a young man of faith. He embodies the saying, “When life gives you lemons – make lemonade.” His strong spirit and innate ability to constantly keep moving forward and strive for his goals, no matter the obstacles, impressed and continues to impress me. I am confident that he will one day be the successful engineer he aspires to be.