Access to Online Courses for Students.

Needless to say, The Complete Package truly has it all! This package gives students access to all six online courses below, providing them the support they will need from the start of the college application process (preparing their College “Spreadsheet”) to the finish (completing all necessary writing needed for their college applications). 

What you'll get:

  • Lessons - 132 Videos/Corresponding Texts
  • Exercises - 38 Videos/Corresponding Texts

Of course, the ultimate goal of this package is to aid students in crafting the most impactful submissions that will serve to move the needle in their favor during the admissions process. But equally important, students will grow as individuals by earnestly working through these courses.

They will gain a greater understanding of themselves, what motivates them, and the importance of reflection in this process. 

* Students have six (6) months to finish the course. This will allow them the freedom to dig deep into the curriculum while also keeping them motivated and on track to complete their essays by their submission deadlines

** Each Online Course 1-6 is designed to both stand alone and work alongside the other Online Courses. As a result, there will be some overlap in lessons and exercises. Students may elect to skip lessons and exercises they have already completed. However, it never hurts to review these sections again and use them as a refresher!